Why we fight

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Team Success What is it that makes us work up to 20h a day, 7 days a week, almost 365 days per year? One thing is sure: It’s not the money we’re fighting for. Why else would people reject secure and highly paid jobs offers just to become an Entrepreneur? But what is it about then?

As an Entrepreneur you have very little money. At the same time you have almost no free time to spend it. You’re always in a hurry and most often stressed out. You have no security at all and bet your farm more than once. You always have to fight.

But: there is no one who makes you to fight but yourself. This is your fight. There is no boss or supervisor telling what to do. When your enterprise succeeds, you succeed. It is a fulfillment of yourself, your dreams, your life. Becoming an Entrepreneur is maybe the only way to become a real adventurer today.

Several years ago I met an investment manager who worked for a big venture capital firm. Although he was making tons on money, he admitted that he envied us Entrepreneurs. Almost like in ancient Roman times, when wealthy peers would volunteer to become gladiators and risk everything. It is about making a difference. Building up something bigger than yourself. Beeing part of something great. Contributing to an awesome team effort. Succeeding when success seems to be impossible.

As parent you are not only mom or dad workingdays but 24/7. You boost your offspring with all your power. Like for all parents there will come a day to let your child go. At best for a nice exit.


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