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Picobello Founder

The road of Entrepreneurship is not paved, but at times rocky and challenging. Sometimes you might take it with ease and sometimes you struggle. But at all times it rewards you with a thrilling adventure.

I started my career as an Entrepreneur back as a kid in elementary school. My brother Yannis, my cousin Lina and me started a magazine called “Picobello“, covering jokes, invented stories and copied cooking recipes. Eventhough we earned a multiple of our pocket money, we eventually had to stop when our mom realized we were secretly using her copier. Later on in highschool Yannis and me started Flaschenlabel, a company that produces custom lable wine bottles. This is where I made my first experiences as “real” Entrepreneur. Later on in university, my best friend and flatmate Patrick, my brother an me decided to get things started on a bigger scale. In 2008 we build up MyParfuem, a startup specialized on custom fragrances. MyParfuem became a great success and soon we had to move from our parents house to our own office. Today MyParfuem has over 40,000 customers, won the Berlin Business Plan award 2009 and the EO Global Innovation award 2010. The company is now growing international. In 2010 Yannis and I set up Elite Startups, a private equity company to support young Entrepreneurs. As friends and advisors we now support Bert and Max, the founders of Personology. Personology is a successful young startup, specialized on personalized online marketing. While I can’t wait to finally start our international adventure [more information coming soon], Yannis is supporting UI-Check, a startup for remote usability testing.

On this blog I want to share my experiences about Entrepreneurship, both from a business and a personal point of view. From time to time I might post helpful information & links and interesting company news.  3 months after I initially set up this blog, I finally managed to write my first article. It is privat, yet open to public. If you are not interested: Do not read it!

Why do I blog?

  1. Keep my friends and partners and who ever cares updated
  2. Exchange with others about our experiences
  3. Help interested people on their way of becoming an Entrepreneur
  4. I don’t have a diary. What else do about my talkativeness?
  5. Because Guy Kawasaki told me to do so [Reality Check]

This Blog is dedicated to my family, friends, colleagues and partners, who have always supported me on my way as an Entrepreneur and continue to do so.


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