To fall and rise again

My dear friend, it has been a while since you heard from me. Meanwhile the story went on…

Matti Niebelschütz

The dream we dreamed

Do you remember us setting sail with MyParfum more than one year ago? We were building the company for several years before, but at these days everything seemed possible. All of sudden responsible for almost 80 employees, 1.000 square meter office and a multimillion marketing budget. Unbelievable in compare to the early days in my parent’s house.


Only 3 months later all dreams vanished. We did not achieve our ambitious revenue goals. Unable to compensate for our excessively increased costs, I had to set free many of my former companions. We were struggling. Fighting for weeks. But not enough. Soon after, the company collapsed under the weight of our premature scaling. What went wrong? Was it us failing? Was it the business model failing? Or did we just grow too fast?

Time for reflection

Be perseverant. Never give up!“ , I wrote several years before. But how to go on in such a situation? All hope was gone. What fighting for? These days my friend Maha Alusi talked to me: “You are the one who is able to write your own story. Do that a lovely story!”. And she was right! Who says that the story is over now? The story just begins! The lovely story of people who work hard for the dream they have. The story of people who do not chase the money or a quick exit. The story of people who create a company of true value. So it happened that we were granted a second chance. My brother and I bought back the company. Now we are rebuilding it with a small team in the heart or Berlin – and rising again!

The road of Entrepreneurship is not paved, but rocky and challenging at times. Good to know what we are fighting for.

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