The Trinity of a Prosperous Life

Whoever tries to prove him or herself as a successful gardener, probably sooner or later comes to this one conclusion: To effectively grow any plant is requires a balanced supply of some core essentials. To conduct growth via photosynthesis it requires water, air and sun energy. You cannot grow fruit trees in the dessert with lots of sun and air, but not water. Neither can you grow flowers in a wet but dark cave. The same conclusion is true for our entrepreneurial life, even though the formula might be slightly more difficult.


Working as a high-performance internet entrepreneur for almost 10 years now has confronted me with many challenging and promising situations. Though out the years it became clear, that there is something like a formula for a prosperous entrepreneurial life. This formula is not a secret but rather commonly mentioned in management literature. Also during my business coachings and meetings with the Entrepreneurs Organisation we worked with this formula. The core essential for a prosperous life and personal growth is a balanced focus on Personal, Family & Friends and Business.



The first core essential is the focus on personal life. This is what I learned from an inspiring EO workshop with Hindu priest and entrepreneur Dadapani. Focus on your own health and well-being. This may be conducted by healthy nutrition, workouts, time for your hobbies and mental recovery (i.e. travelling, reading or possibly meditation or yoga). Only if you are physically and mentally powerful, you will be able to achieve great successes with your family and friends and in business life. Otherwise you will sooner or later experience a shortfall or run out of energy.


Family & Friends

Growing healthy relationships to your family and friends is the backbone in any aspect of life. They help to drive focus on the right topics and to enjoy life. Especially in many entrepreneur’s life there often seems to be too little time for family and friends. Instead the opposite is true. As an entrepreneur you are often trapped in day-to-day business. Actively enjoying the time off helps seeing the bigger picture again and what it is we want to achieve in life.



Promoting your business is obvious for any entrepreneur. But while many employees work to make their living, for entrepreneurs “work” is an essential part of their life. This is right, because this is what motivates us and what we are as entrepreneurs. There is no greater satisfaction that exceeding your own professional goals and to establish a successful business or a series of great projects. While our businesses might be exhausting at times, at the same time they give us great motivation and power in life.


How to keep the essentials and balance?

Knowing the three essentials of a prosperous life is only the first step. The most important step is acting upon it. A good tool to ensure this is working with a target list. Simply create an excel chart or take a piece of paper and create a time line (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, …). For each time slot define a target in each area of life (Personal, Family & Friends, Business). Most important is to define clear goals, which can be checked later on. E.g. a personal goal in 1 month might be “Started participating weekly yoga lessons”. E.g. a business goal in 6 months might be “Successfully closed a $500K funding round”. A family & friends goal in 5 years might be “Getting married”. Check your list from time to time and update it. New monthly, quarterly, annual, (…), goals should be set with the completion of each period. Of course for some people it might feel unfamiliar to put your essential goals in life on an excel chart and of course you will not reach each goal, but such a tool will help you to keep the right focus. You might be surprised about the influence on your life…


PS: To all my friends who recently started growing plants in their backyards or on their balconies: Yes, I know good soil and nutrition and maybe some nice talking to the plants might be helpful too, but I assume you get the point anyways.


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