Setting Sail – The Journey of MyParfum

This article is based on a speech I made on the occasion of MyParfum’s 4th anniversary and house-warming party of our new office.

Challenge the ocean on a nutshell

Team Success

Four years ago three ambitious students came up with the idea of challenging the ocean on a nutshell. The ocean was the incredible world of perfumes. The nutshell was their sparely equipped children’s room. Against all skeptics and with little more than their personal savings, they started an amazing business model: Selling unique self-made perfumes online.


Roll up your sleeves and start rowing

Team Success

The idea was a hit. Within few months the students had to move. Setting up a real office, a real laboratory and engaging real employees. But the ocean was rough at times. More than once the fragile expedition faced being smashed in a storm or getting lost in the vastness of the sea. Finally, the team got back on track. They built the nutshell into a considerable rowing boat. With hard work and stubborn perseverance, they eventually managed to win more than 50.000 people for the fascination of a unique perfume.


Set Sail for a new age

Team Success

Now it is time to start into a new age! On a powerful sailing ship, we are going to continue our journey on our way to re-invent perfume together with our customers. In this new time it is not the daredevilry of single man or the strength of a few, that lead us to success. It is the collaboration of a great team of sailors. Focus and love towards our customers, our team and our product shall give us guidance. Set sail and welcome on board for our great new adventures with MyParfum!



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