My keystones for personal Success


Success can widely be interpreted. Wikipedia describes it as “a level of social status”, “achievement of an objective/goal” and “the opposite of failure”. For me success means to fulfill oneself. Even though it might seem inappropriate for a 25 year old Entrepreneur to talk about self-fulfillment, these are my personal rules for success:


1. Find your Vision

Intense Working Sessions

In all our efforts we are driven by a vision. A vision of building a greater company, of realizing ones dreams, of changing the world. A vision is what keeps us awake more than 10 cups of coffee and causes us sleepless nights. It motivates us and gives us strength to continue, when undergoing setbacks. A vision isn’t born by our minds; it is laid upon us as our mission. While starting as one man’s dream, it sometimes spreads like a wildfire, setting on fire myriad people’s hearts.


2. Have the Courage to go for it

"Proving them wrong"

Many people discover their vision but dare not to realize it. The risks might seem to be too high. The risks of failing, losing your job and money, or just being laugh at. It’s true, that you do not face these dangers if you never try it, but you’ll also never know whether you could have made it. When we had the vision of selling custom perfumes online with MyParfuem, people were laughing at us too. They told us that we were never going to make it, selling fragrances without being able to smell them before. We were confident though and proved them wrong. Remember how small the danger of failing is, compared to the danger of never fulfilling yourself. As a conclusion, reflect your ideas wisely. If you are 100% certain go for it.


3. Be perseverant

Great Fishing Weekend

The word “Perseverance” is accompanying me for many years now. I never really thought about it earlier, until it became the “value of the week” in my exchange highschool in Clara City, Minnesota. Perseverance is the will to reach your goal. It means to stay focused and striving. Don’t let mislead yourself by troubles and don’t give up. One of my personal experiences of perseverance took place in 2002. My US host-dad Don and I were out for fishing on a summer weekend. The day we arrived at the Lake, the fishing line was totally afoul. We tried to disentangle it for hours until my host-dad gave up and went to bed. Since I was really looking forward to this fishing weekend, I didn’t give up and accepted the challenge. Minutes later the fishing line was disentangle and the weekend was saved. That day I realized that often when obstacles seem to be insurmountable, the break-through is only seconds away. If we really want to succeed we need to be perseverant.


These are my personal keystones for success. For other people there might be different rules for success. They are not to be confused with rules for personal happiness though. That’s what one of my following articles will be about.


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