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Life as an Entrepreneur is a roller coaster. One day you experience your greatest victory and the next day your entire lifework seems to be in danger. You cannot always influence whether to win or to loose, but you can always try to win and lose right.

Winning right

Intense Working Sessions

The nicest moments in life are when experiencing a great victory; achieving a goal which seemed to be unreachable. These moments are the deserved fruits of our hard work. They are important affirmations of our Entrepreneur passion.

Yet at the same time each victory bears a danger. If we are experiencing too many or to big victories we tend to become overbearing. Like myself at the beginning of my Entrepreneur career in 2008. When launching MyParfuem we outmatched all forecasts month after month. Eventually we started burning money and became blind. In early 2009 we experienced a rude awakening.

My lesson learned from this is: Celebrate your success. Then go back to work and keep both feet on the ground.

Losing right

"Proving them wrong"

They say you are not mature until you have experienced a great loss. There lies truth in it. A great loss weighs heavy on our shoulders.

At the same time it teaches us humbleness. Like a great victory bears great danger, a great loss bears a great chance. It painfully illustrates your mistakes and gives you a chance for doing it better. I experienced my personal big loss in the early time of MyParfuem. After messing up several projects and loosing tons of money, we had to severely bootstrap. We even had to dismiss our most loyal peers. In the following months we rebuilt MyParfuem and brought it back on track for becoming one of Germany’s most promising startup companies.

My lesson learned from this is: It is alright to make a mistake, as long as you learn from it and never do the same mistake again.

No matter if winning or losing, it lies in your hands to make the best out of it.


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