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Matti Niebelschütz is entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany. He is Founder of UNIQUE, a startup that is specialized in custom fragrances, and Co-Founder of Elite Startups, a private equity company that is building cutting-edge startups. Before joining the startup field, Matti graduated with honors in international law with stopovers at the German parliament and Berlin city parliament. Volunteering as guest lecturer and school mentor for the

Berlin chamber of commerce, entrepreneurship has always been his passion. His first startup (customized wine bottles) Matti founded in 2006 right with the beginning of his studies together with his brother. Two years later, during his university’s summer break in 2008, he started MyParfum (precursor of UNIQUE). During more than 8 years with this venture, Matti gained rich entrepreneurial experiences from lean starting up, multimillion financing rounds, business collapse, acquisition and successful turnaround. Besides his own

entrepreneurial activities Matti supported launching and growing promising business models together with his brother Yannis and their specialized company Elite Startups. With extensive business network, experiences and financial aid Elite Startups accompanies startups from launch to successful exit. Matti’s specialization is entrepreneurship, financing, legal, public relations, M&A, leadership and execution. In his free time he is interested in extreme sports, like the Berlin marathon, exotic cooking and travelling.

Professional Appearances

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At the K5 Konferenz

At the K5 conference 2014

At the Querdenker Innovation Award 2014

At the Querdenker Innovation Award 2014

At the Berlin Business Conference 2014

At the Berlin Business Conference 2014

At the ZEIT conference 2013

Matti Niebelschütz

At the EO Innovation award 2010

Colleagues and Friends: Matti Niebelschütz & Carina Stammermann

Brothers and Colleagues: Matti & Yannis Niebelschütz

Colleagues and Friends: Matti Niebelschütz & Christian Schulz

MyParfuem Founder

The MyParfum Founders 2008

Berlin Business Plan Award 2009

At the Berlin Business Plan award 2009



Matti Niebelschütz